M3D Micro instructions build

  • Step 1. Print the adapters
  • Step 2. Installing the M3D Micro Suction Head
    Clip the M3D Micro Suction Head on your extruder as shown on the pictures below.

  • Step 3. Installing the Hose
    Insert the hose into the M3D Micro Suction Head and plug the other side of the hose into Zimpure.

  • Step 4. Operating instruction (IMPORTANT)
    Here you go, your Zimpure is ready to filter!

    You need to turn it ON only after than your M3D Micro has started to print.

    Please verify how the beginning of the first layer goes. You are now all set up to print safely, without any toxic emissions. You can see how Zimpure is efficient by smelling on the top of your M3D Micro. No more bad and hazardous ABS smelt!

    Happy safe printing!

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