If your 3D printer is not in the list, we can design a suction head specifically for you, but we need some help.

  • Step 1. Where to place the hose?

    As you can understand, we can’t access all 3D printers... The first part of the job is to find the place where the pipe can easily pass without disturbing anything in your 3D printer (do not touch the frame, an endstop, or any other sensitive part of your machine).

    This can be in one corner or on one side of the extruder (other solutions are possible depending on the machine, see Ultimaker 2 or FlashForge Creator Pro).

    We advise you to print this file and to simulate the movement of your extruder by hand (machine off) so as to find the ideal location for the pipe of your Zimpure.
  • Step 2. How to fix the suction head?

    Once the location is found, we must think of a way to fix this suction head. We deliver double-sided scratches with each Zimpure to hold the suction, as in the picture below for example

  • Step 3. Sending photos and dimensions
    Once you have found this location and how to hang with our scratch (or screws of your machine if it is possible) we invite you to send us pictures with explanations on the place you have spotted for the passage of the pipe.

    We will then need the 3 dimensions schematized below (X, Y, Z), so as to design the suction nozzle bringing this fitting to the nearest of your nozzle.

    Following this, we will design the connection between the suction mouth closest to your nozzle and the Zimpure hose.

    If we have all the information detailed above, we can more easily design the suction head that will allow Zimpure to suck the toxic emissions closer to your nozzle.

Any idea/suggesion? Something isn't clear? Contact us!