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Metropolitan Museum of Art / 2016-02-11






Architecture & Design

Marble head from a herm at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Source : MyMiniFactory ( STL)

The messenger god Hermes was closely associated with boundaries, and his protective image in the form of a hearded head set on a rectangular stone shaft was placed at doorways and at strategic points alongside the road. This beautiful head gives a sense of the serene grandeur that marked images of Zeus during the high classical period. The most famous of these was the gigantic gold and ivory statue of Zeus at Olympia, made by Phidias.

This object is part of "Scan The World". Scan the World is a non-profit initiative introduced by MyMiniFactory, through which we are creating a digital archive of fully 3D printable sculptures, artworks and landmarks from across the globe for the public to access for free. Scan the World is an open source, community effort, if you have interesting items around you and would like to contribute, email stw@myminifactory.com to find out how you can help.
Scanned : Photogrammetry (
Printed in FormFutura EasyFil White @ 215, heated bed @ 65, Med quality, 15% infill, standard support and raft settings.

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