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sch00f / 2017-03-03






3D Printer

Lack table enclosure

Source : MyMiniFactory ( STL)

Printed parts for my Ikea Lack table pruinter enclosure.
Layer Resolution:0.35mm
Infill: 15%
Use Rafts when printing in ABS!
Spool holder & table risers need supports!
Number of parts needed:
2x spool holder
2x rail for spool holder
4x roller for spool holder
4x table riser
1x filament guide (top)
1x filament guide (bottom)
4x magnet holder flat
4x magnet holder angled
4x corner stops (optional, when using 3 tables)
Everything that doesn't have screw holes can get glued to the tables. I recommend to glue the table risers to the upper table.
Spoolholder can be assembled with the spare screws/nuts from the prusa kit and is designed to move around to fit different spool sizes.
Magnets I used for the front cover are 4 20x20x5mm and 8 5x5x5mm neodymium magnets.


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