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kazolar@gmail.com / 2017-04-06






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Tec The Tractor

Source : MyMiniFactory ( STL)

This is tec the tractor from Baby TV show. Original model created in Fusion 360 for printing. 
Needs M8 x 1.25 mm 300 mm thread rod for axles. 
Model is printed out of PLA, and some parts out of TPU (tires, as well as some breakable items, like wheel, smoke stack, seat light holders) 
Print with a good bit of infill if you are going to give this to a toddler to play with. Use TPU as mentioned for all accessories and don't glue them in, kids will pop them out. 
Get threaded rods and cut to size after printing the parts. Threads are built into the rims, but suggest to use a tap to clean the threads. With threaded rods and 25%-35% infill for model and 65% for the base structure, a toddler can ride this even though it's small. 
Use TPU, not ninjaflex, as it will preserve detail better. Provided are models of wheel where you can print complete or assemble and glue together using either 2 part epoxy or easier soldering iron. Same for the seat. There are different size seats provided for different printer specs. I'm using the bigger one as it's tougher.


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