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EnterpriseXDDesign / 2017-04-19






Fan Art

Pirate Flag Coaster / Plaque

Source : MyMiniFactory ( STL)

Yarrr. Avast Ye Landlubber. Yo ho ho. (Insert other stereotypical pirate phrase here).
It seems everyone loves pirates, and with the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie soon to be released they're soon going to be even more popular (watch Captain Phillips, or go to the sea off Somalia - you may not find them so cute then...). In any case, the black flag of the Jolly Roger is the iconic symbol which always says 'pirate'. So now you can park your mug of grog/rum/further stereotypical pirate-related beverage on the Jolly Roger so you can feel even more piratical! (comes with pre-shivered timbers). There are also three mounting holes in the back for 3x5mm neodymium magnets so you can use it as a fridge magnet or magnetic sign, or to use as permanent wall fixings.
This coaster is also available, printed and assembled, from my Etsy store -


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