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Tuitxy / 2017-11-22







SMARS modular robot

Source : MyMiniFactory ( STL)

SMARS acronym of “Screwless/Screwed Modular Robotic System” is a simple robot designed to the educational field. The main features of SMARS are the reduced number of components, the possibility of mount it without screws and without soldering any part, it doesn’t need glue or similar and it’s really cheap to build. Another main point of SMARS is the modular design. You can mount different sensors and tools and design your own parts. In future I’ll add new modules or DLC to improve the model on my Cults 3D page (https://goo.gl/xK9s1V) but It would be nice if you could share your mods too.
To build the basic model (with “chassis -SL.stl”) you just need few extra components:
-2x mini 150RPM motors https://goo.gl/UtN7nv
-1x 9[V] battery (you can find it in a local shop)
-1x 9[V] battery connector https://goo.gl/x6bEkK or https://goo.gl/V7ZU7K
-1x Arduino UNO or 2009 https://goo.gl/UGwHuS or https://goo.gl/wSMmVM
-1x Adafruit Motor Shield V1 or V2 https://goo.gl/Y53e3C
or an L298P motor shield https://goo.gl/PRmsa6
For the screwed version ( “chassis -S.stl”) you just need two 25mm M4 screws and two self locking nuts.
The joints of the tracks are simply pieces of 1.75mm filament cutted at the right length.
To assemble the screwless version you will need a multi slip-joint gripping plier to insert the “slave wheels”.
One of the next DLC will be the Quadpod mod. if you are interessted to move from tracks to legs, use the screwed version “chassis-S.stl” (“chassis-SL” will not be compatible)!
Building instructions are in the "doc lite" folder.
These models fits also:
-3x AAA batteries (check on my profile for the DLC)
-1x PS3 controller 1800mAh 3.7V Li-Ion Battery (be careful and use it only if you
know what you are doing!) https://goo.gl/AR6pjf


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