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ossum / 2018-08-14






Dieselpunk FPV Tractor Racer

Source : MyMiniFactory ( STL)

Jump into an alternate universe where robots race ratty boat-tailed tractors at mind-bogglingly low speeds. Fire up your FPV goggles and get behind the wheel yourself!
This projects is designed to be a simple yet rewarding, fully-printable, RC project. Unlike some of my others it could easily be printed in a week and assembled on the weekend, ready for action.
All the information that you need should be in the
, but feel free to jump into the
for more info.
 for all the instructions and options.
Special thanks to
for sculpting the awesome head and torso details of my driver!
This project doesn't require any support except on
I used ABS for most parts, but the "Driver Base" and "Neck" works best in PETG, since the spring clips are less likely to break.


File format