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samster_3d / 2018-12-03






cr10s v6 and volcano clone adjustable 4010 fan mount

Source : MyMiniFactory ( STL)

This is adjustable stock cr10s (4010) fan mount for v6 clone hotend mount (check it in my files).
It has great clearance, adjustable slots for adjusting height for v6 or volcano setup. 4010 fan just slots in and it doesn't have to be secured with screws (there are holes for stock screws if you want to use them).
I run it without those screws and the fan doesn't move.
I have printed it with supports. Be patient when removing supports from the air duct.
I have printed it so that the part that goes to the carriage lays on the print bed.
0.2 layer height works fine.
Use supports.
Mount it and enjoy printing.
Pics 4-6 show is orientation i used to print this stl file.


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