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MakeAnything / 2019-05-18






Googly Eyes // 1 inch

Source : MyMiniFactory ( STL)

Googly eyes have the power to give life to inanimate objects in the most simple and satisfying way. These googly eyes were redesigned from the ground up for 3D printing. Just print the parts and pop the pupil into place, no supports required!
This download includes 3 variations of the 1" diameter googly eye : round, straight, and curved. They all use the same 'Pupil.stl' 
You can get more variations of this model and more with my
For sticking Googly eyes to things :
UHU Putty :
XFasten Double Sided Tape :
E6000 Adhesive :
Smaller layer height will perform a bit better. I used 0.1mm
Print solid and you should be good! If the pin of the pupil is curling up, you can try printing at a lower temperature, increasing cooling, increasing minimum layer time, lowering layer height.
To prevent the small tabs from breaking, it helps to apply even pressure from both sides when snapping together the parts (pinch between thumb and forefinger)


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