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OmNomNomagon / 2017-12-03






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Wanhao Lack Triple Stack Enclosure Attack: With Sliding Control Box & Removable Top

Source : Thingiverse ( STL)

A collection of enhanced parts and mods to make the perfect Wanhao i3 / Maker Select / Cocoon Create enclosure.
This enclosure has the following features:




Printed in PLA
This requires 2 to 3 Ikea lack tables. They are cheap and perfectly sized for creating a 3d printer enclosure. I shortened the legs of the bottom 2 lacks to reach my preferred height. I took 3cm from the bottom lack and 2cm from the middle lack. These parts will work with or without shortening.
To secure parts directly to the lack's I recommend self taping wooden countersunk screws around 20-25mm long. you will need aprox 60-90 depending on the number of corner braces used. The hinge assembly requires 5x 12mm M3 screws.
Wanhao Lack - Tool Holder: Can be glued, taped or screwed to the side of a lack.
Wanhao Lack - Stacker X4: For stacking a lack on another lack.
Wanhao Lack - PTFE Filament Guide and Sponge Cleaner: Drill a 14mm hole in the top lack. Slide in the clip to secure the guide in place. Place some folded sponge into the hole on top, run some PTFE into the bottom. Designed around 3MM OD PTFE tube, if you are using 4mm PTFE you may need to drill it out a bit. Run the PTFE into the extruder with this
Wanhao Lack - Perspex Top Brackets X6: Screw into the top of the legs of the top lack. 20mm from the outside edge. Should be flush with the inside edge of the legs. Two for each leg. Front left, Back left and Back right.
Wanhao Lack - Lid Plug Bottom X3: Screw onto the top of the middle lack. Should be positioned back right, back left and Front left. The top table will mount on top of these.
Wanhao Lack - Lid plug - Door Hinge Right: Screw into the top of the middle lack as above. Position front right.
Wanhao Lack - Lid Lifter - Rear left & Right X2: Screw onto the bottom of the legs of the top lack. Back left and back right legs.
Wanhao Lack - Lid Lifter - Front Left - Handle Side: Screw onto the bottom of the leg of the top lack as above. Front left leg.
Wanhao Lack - Lid Lifter - Door Hinge Right: Screw onto the bottom of the leg of the top lack as above. Front right leg. The hinge mechanism screws into this.
Wanhao Lack - Hinge - Perspex Door Holder X2: Notch the top right and bottom right corners of the perspex door by 15mm high and 35mm long. Slide in the hinge holder and screw them in.
Wanhao Lack - Hinge Bracket Top Right: Screws into the top lack, top of the front right leg. The "Wanhao Lack - Hinge - Perspex Door Holder X2" part fits into this.
Wanhao Lack - Hinge Bracket Bottom Right: Screws into "Wanhao Lack - Lid plug - Door Hinge Right". Sandwich the door in place before screwing in place.
Wanhao Lack - Filament Holder Feet: Used this filament holder.
. Screwing this directly into the lack transmits vibrations directly into the table and causes excess noise. Glue these to the bottom of the guide along with rubber stoppers to make it much quieter.
Wanhao Lack - Feet X4: When shortening the feet more than 20mm They hollow out. use these to provide a stable flat surface, attach felt stopper to reduce noise.
Wanhao Lack - Control Box Slider Bracket X2: Two of these on the bottom of the middle lack table. May need to trial and error placement to allow the control box to fully slide in and out. The Screws on the bottom of the box limit the distance that the box can slide. I placed mine rouchly 120mm in and 220mm in.
Wanhao Lack - Cable Guide: Cut a 30x45mm hole into the back of the middle lack. allows the Wanhao cable to route to the control box below.
Use layers of butyl flashing to mass load the lack tables. This reduces vibrations and annoying drumming.Place on the top of the middle lack. under the middle lack. And under the top lack.
Add sorbothane legs to the bottom of the printer. Place a thick layer of EVA form on top of the middle table. This decouples the printer from the enclosure and significantly reduces noise.
The Sides are 3mm Clear Acrylic Sheets Sized at 444mm x 449mm. Mount with M3 x 10 screws using soft washers such as these.
The door handle and magnets have metal accents in order to give a nice contrast with the black lack tables and 3d printed parts. The door magnets are sourced cheaply from ebay and the handles are available from any hardware store.
This is designed with a left handed door in mind. To have the handle on the right hand side mirror the following parts.


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