What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is a field of computer science that uses statistical techniques to give computer systems the ability to "learn" (e.g., progressively improve performance on a specific task) with data, without being explicitly programmed (Source). Many models exist and perform more or less complex and relevant tasks depending on the domain, the type of data used, the quality and the abundance of these data. The type of algorithm used by Zimple goes to a subclass of machine learning applied to the document search. The goal is then to propose an ordered list of results that is relevant and in accordance with the expectations of the user.


Two years of development

At Zimple, we developed our own machine learning algorithm specialized in 3D files patterns, and relying on the latest advances in the theoretical field. From the beginning, 2 years of research and development have been needed. Similarly to other machine learning algorithms, this one learns from your requests and your reactions. This is how its relevance and precision evolve from day to day to perfect themselves more and more.


Use it, or not!

The algorithm has been designed to improve the results by adapting the designs to your profile and your needs. This implies that you accept to provide some information about yourself, and your links with 3D printing (to learn more about our management of privacy, see the paragraph below). But you can just as easily use the search engine without registering and without benefiting from the improvements made by the algorithm. In this case, the research experience will still be interesting and you can easily find designs that meet your expectations.


Privacy statement

Privacy is at the heart of Zimple's concerns. Since the search engine relies on your data, it is important to think before and during the development of the engine how your data will be used. We decided to only ask for information that has a real impact on the engine's performance. Your data will never be sold or transmitted to a third party without your explicit permission. In addition, you have the ability to manage the level of notifications you want to receive by email.


GDPR compliances

In respect of the European GDPR directive, we respect all the principles that protect you and your data (lawfulness, fairness, purpose limitation, data minimisation, ...). More details are available in our full privacy policy.


Manage your data

You will also have the possibility to easily manage your data by

Getting a copy of your data, sent by email within 7 days
Temporarily deactivate your account
Delete your account
Correct your data
If you want to perform any of these actions or if you want to know more about our privacy policy please use the contact form or send us an email at

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