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3D Printing without Ziflex

Stop hurting yourself, your printer and your prints with (stupid) spatulas.

With Ziflex, you no more need spatula

Removing 3D printed parts from a build plate is often a real pain. Using a spatula to remove a print can damage your printer, your print, or even yourself. It’s not a safe option: we all have already faced this struggle with this tool...

With Ziflex, the take off of 3D printing parts is easier

Making a part stick to the platform isn’t easy, and removing it is even more difficult. We usually use a lot of different tools and products to succeed in both print adherence and removal. It's over now. All these dangerous and unpractical tools are things of the past now. Ziflex replaces them all!

Ziflex 3D Printing

Easy, Flexible and Magnetic

Ziflex 3D Printing - Easy, Flexible and Magnetic
Removing a print is now easier than ever, no matter the size or shape of your print. Just remove the Ziflex off of your printer and flex it.
With Ziflex, you no more need spatula

Technical specifications

Ziflex complete system

Ziflex is a thin, flexible and heat resistant build surface, and features a coating that can handle any material. Thanks to its magnetic technology, Ziflex will be strongly attached to your printer and will be perfectly placed every time.
Ziflex 3D Printing - Easy, Flexible and Magnetic

Magnetic positioning technology

Our magnetic positioning technology is strong and also directional. It guides your Ziflex in a single direction and ensures a perfect alignment to your printer’s bed while maintaining a strong grip.
Ziflex 3D Printing - Magnetic positioning

Ultra flexible

Its incredible flexibility will allow you to easily remove any print, even the smallest one, without damaging your new build surface.
Ziflex flexibility

Uniform heat transmission

The Ziflex can heat up to 90°C. As you can see from the thermal picture above, the Ziflex provides an effective heat transmission.
Ziflex heat transmission

Easy to install

The Ziflex comes in two parts, with strong directional magnetic sheets on both parts. Just stick the one with 3M adhesive to your original bed, and then place Ziflex on it. Calibrate your printer, and you're good to go for easy 3D printing!
Ziflex installation
Ziflex installation

Size adjustment

We can adjust the Ziflex to ANY build plate size or shape.

Ziflex compatibility with 3D printers

We can produce the Ziflex in any size and any shape (round or rectangular). From 10 square centimetres to 1 square metre build area, we can make a Ziflex for you ;) Ziflex compatibility with 3D printers

These printers aren’t the only ones, we can make any size you need.

You can also visit the shop.

Is my 3D printer compatible?

You can go to this page to check wether your 3D printer is compatible. If you have any question, please send us an email at

I use an automated calibration system, will Ziflex work with it?

Today, there are four different automated calibration technologies available on the market:
- Capacitive
- Mechanical
- Optical
- Inductive

Ziflex will work perfectly with the first three technologies without any modifications: Capacitive, Mechanical, and Optical. For the inductive technology, a conductive receiver is needed, or not. For example, some makers are able to print on glass and without raft on Zortrax M200. This means Ziflex can work with this printer if you follow the same procedure.

What is the maximum heat bed temperature?

In our factory, we’ve printed a lot of ABS on our Ziflex. 90°C Heated bed and 260°C extruder temp is working well, even if the print is very long (we’ve already printed some ZABS at 90°C / 260°C on a 50 hours print).

Can I use PEI sheet on top of my Ziflex?

Yes. PEI is flexible, not as much as the original surface, but it will work well on top of your Ziflex.