update Updated: 11/16/2018

Zimpure - CReality3D CR10 instructions build

supervisor_account To speak with the Zimple community about this printer, suction head compatibility or improvements, you can join the Discord channel for this printer.

update The instructions detailed below are the same for the following 3D Printers: CR10, Tevo Tornado. If you have a 3D Printer on which this suction head fits, please tell us and we will add it to our compatibility list.

  • Step 1. Print the adapters

    For the CReality3D CR10, you will need to print these files, already oriented as needed. Here are a few recommendations for printing: 

    File Material Layer Height Supports Infill Download
    STLTornadoSuctionHead.STL ABS 0.1 YES HIGH
    STLTornadoFilamentBlowerGuide.STL ABS 0.1 YES HIGH
    STLTornadoExtrudeurFanHolder.STL ABS 0.1 YES HIGH

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    This is your last print without Zimpure!

  • Step 2.Removing the steel cover of the extruder

    In order to make a perfect setup for hoovering a maximum of nanoparticles and COVs, we choose to remove the original steel extruder cover (See picture below). The blower air guide we’ve redesigned will also improve the filament cooling a lot.

  • Step 3.Installing the 3 new 3D printed parts

    As you can see on the rendering below, we’ve designed 3 new parts you need to 3D print. One suction head where you plug Zimpure’s hose in, one air guide for the filament blower, and one air guide for the heat sink cooling fan.

  • Step 4.Operating instruction (IMPORTANT)