update Updated: 11/15/2018

Zimpure - Prusa MK3 instructions build

supervisor_account To speak with the Zimple community about this printer, suction head compatibility or improvements, you can join the Discord channel for this printer.

update The instructions detailed below are the same for the following 3D Printers: MK3, MK2 and MK2S

  • Step 1. Print the adapters

    For the Prusa MK3, you will need to print these files, already oriented as needed. Here are a few recommendations for printing: 

    File Material Layer Height Supports Infill Download
    STLBrace25.STL ABS 0.1 NO HIGH
    STLMK2SuctionHead_pne0RzH.STL ABS 0.1 NO HIGH

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    This is your last print without Zimpure!

  • Step 2.Installation of the MK2(S) Suction Head - Overview

    As you can see on the rendering below, only one 3D printed part is needed to install Zimpure on your 3D printer. The holding is made using the plastic housing of the PINDA probe and with the right screw of the blower.

  • Step 3.Installation of the suction head - Screws

    Unscrew the right screw of your blower, slide the suction head on the pinda probe as shown on the picture below, and re screw your blower screw. The nuts are going inside the suction head.

  • Step 4.Screw adjustment

    The screw from the heatbed cable cover hits the suction head during calibration. To prevent that, please print the 2.5mm brace (Brace25.STL), and mount it as detailed on the pictures below. That will place your screw at the good level on the top of the heatbed cable cover.