update Updated: 11/15/2018

Zimpure - Ultimaker 2 instructions build

supervisor_account To speak with the Zimple community about this printer, suction head compatibility or improvements, you can join the Discord channel for this printer.

update You'll find below the instructions for the Ultimaker 2+. This is the same suction head for your Ultimaker 2. In case of problem, contact us at nicolas@zimple3d.com. If your suction head is installed on your Ultimaker 2, please send us some photos!

  • Step 1. Print the adapters

    For the Zortrax M200, you will need to print these files, already oriented as needed. Here are a few recommendations for printing: 

    File Material Layer Height Supports Infill Download
    STLOriginal+Holder.stl Flexible 0.1 YES HIGH
    STLOriginal+Tube.stl Flexible 0.1 YES HIGH

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    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

    It's recommended to print these parts with a filament a little flexible to make it clip easily.

    Thanks to Oscar Galego from bikespot for this nice design!

  • Step 2. Installing the Ultimaker 2 Suction Head

    First, install the Ultimaker 2 suction head that you downloaded above on your extruder.

  • Step 3. Installing the Hose

    Then, insert the hose into the 2 Suction Head and plug the other side of the hose into Zimpure. 

  • Step 4. Operating Instruction

    Here you go, your Zimpure is ready to filter! You need to turn it ON only after than your 2 has started to print. Please verify how the beginning of the first layer goes. You are now all set up to print safely, without any toxic emissions. Happy safe printing!